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After receipt of your order, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 7 days with no explanation necessary. You can request instructions here. You will receive a confirmation ASAP, with instructions how to proceed. The products must still be in the original unopened packaging. Please bear in mind that you must cover the costs of the return shipment. Unstamped return shipments will not be accepted for processing. After receipt, the purchase price of the goods will be returned to you. We can also exchange the products. You can indicate this on the return form.


Ordering at TRIBAL Windsurfing is quick and easy! Our order process consists of four simple steps where you tell us what you want. Your order will not be finalized until after your confirmation. You can change things around however you want first.

1. Select your items.  Add an item by clicking on ‘in shopping cart’. If you want more than one of them, then modify the ‘quantity’. Have you changed your mind? Just click on the ‘waste basket’ to remove an item. Done shopping? Then click on ‘order’.

2. Fill in your address and delivery details

3. Choose your method of payment

4. Confirm your order. Is everything correct ? Then you can complete your order.

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All prices are expressed in Euro, in accordance with the legal regulations, and include VAT. Special offers are only valid as long as the stock lasts. Transportation costs will be mentioned separately on the website before check-out. For customers outside the European Union, the price in the shopping cart will be exclusive of VAT.

Are the images of the items correct?

The images are a good representation of the products. Colours of images may deviate slightly from the items delivered. No rights can be derived from this.

Will I receive a confimation of my order?

After we have received your order, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. This will include another summary of the complete order information. You did not receive an email from us? Then please check that the confirmation has not ended up in the folder for unwanted mail or spam. If it has not, then please contact us at

Product related questions

Normal weed fins are raked more, does the Weedspeed really work?

With straight leading edge weed fins, the rake has to be set for the span-wise flow to pull seaweed along the leading edge to the tip. This causes the lifting surface in the tip to be located a long way behind the centre of rotation of the board (trim axis). This is not really a problem deep off the wind with short speed fins, but as you go larger, the problem becomes worse. In the end, the straight leading edge is a big compromise in balance.

Upwind or across the wind, where the centre of pressure of the fin is too far back for optimal balance with the rig, is where you notice this the most. The TRIBAL line solves this problem with a more upright base region, which helps to keep the centre of pressure forward, giving more of the same feeling on the water as an upright fin. Weed is accelerated down the leading edge as the curvature increases, leading to a much better matched set-up than conventional weed fins.

My fin doesn't fit in my board...

In practice, we see many boards with different boxes, so it’s always hard to get the perfect fit for all boards. Please do not be afraid to sand the box down a bit to get the perfect fit for your board. Also be aware, that if a fin sinks a bit into the box, it is not an issue. However, a fin that sticks out above the box is an issue and needs sanding down. If you do not feel comfortable with the fit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which fin should I choose: Slalom MK1 or the PowerMax?

The Powermax fin is more designed for freeracing, whereas the slalom MK1 has been designed to win on the slalom course. The Powermax can be used a size smaller compared to the Slalom MK1 and might be considered easier in use, but theoretically the Slalom MK1 is a faster fin compared to the Powermax.

Can I use the WEEDspeed for speedsurfing?

Our WeedSpeed is an excellent symmetrical speed fin in the smaller sizes.

For which fin boxes do you produce your fins?

We make our fins in Tuttle, Deep Tuttle and Power Bases. Per model you can specify what base you would like as long as the desired base is available for that certain fin.

The price is rather high for these fins... How come other brands are much cheaper?

Our fins look a bit different. That’s because we engineer them from scratch. We have our own methods and ideas that we use as a basis for our designs. The reason? We got tired of the endless copy cycle that stifles innovation in our great sport. We’ve also noticed some of the other brands appreciating our work by mimicry. Like a stick insect that looks like a stick, it can be a convincing approach. We also know what it takes to get it right. Two designs can look nearly identical, but they have remarkably different on-water behavior and performance.

Some reasons for this:

Outline: it’s the obvious thing in fin design, but not the most important on its own..

Profile: two profiles can look similar, be smoothly shaped and have the same maximum thickness point, and even have the “hollow” in the shape at the back like our designs have. But it doesn’t take much to change a great profile into a dud.

Machining and Finish: arguably the most important part of the process. A great design won’t be so great if it’s not machined to tight tolerances, and finished properly (unless you are winning the lucky dip prize). We’ve all sailed mass produced copies of popular shapes that whistle and spin out, and others which vary obviously in performance from fin to fin.

We decided to cover all of these bases and make a fin range with performance second to none. Delivering unrivaled consistency, superior material quality, and thoroughly engineered designs.

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