Radix Slalom
Radix Slalom

Radix Slalom

With great pleasure we introduce the Tribal Radix slalom board line. After an extensive R&D spanning several years, Chris and Peter have now finished the first Tribal Boards production series.

Board size (Volume)
  • 88
  • 102
  • 118
  • 135
  • 98
  • 128
  • 110
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88 239 56 (ofo 38) 88 tba 4.5 - 6.3
98 239 59 (ofo 40) 98 tba 4.5 - 7.0
102 239 63 (ofo 44) 102 tba 5.6 - 7.1
110 239 68 (ofo 46 110 tba 6.0 - 7.7
118 239 73 (ofo 50) 118 tba 7.0 - 7.7
128 239 78 (ofo 53) 128 tba 7.0 - 8.5
135 239 83 (ofo 57) 135 tba 7.7 - 9.5

At a glance

  • Longer available planing length - improves early planing, efficiency through chop, and glide out of gybes;
  • Parallel, beveled double concave with overall V for best possible balance, efficiency, and ride comfort;
  • Refined tail cutouts that provide optimal trim over the widest possible operating range.

The slightly increased length (239cm) results in a longer available waterline through the critical mid section of the board, for superior low speed performance, stability through chop, lull gliding, and gybing exit. The resulting lower impact angles provide a naturally smooth, controlled trim in rough conditions, allowing significantly higher speed for the conditions. The length is added through the mid section of the board, increasing volume without having to go too thick, and extending the planing length at low speeds which drastically improves efficiency and ease of getting onto the plane.

The parallel outline minimizes both drag, and spray during chop impact events.

Pin Tail - for snap turns and low wake generation, resulting in lower drag.

Advanced Rail Design - rail shapes designed for ultra-clean release resulting in a dry ride, but with deep engagement during gybing for a dependable, stable carve.

Deck Concave - subtle use of deck concaves to stiffen up the deck surfaces without adding extra weight.

Ultra Profile - ergonomically engineered foot profiles, designed for maximum comfort when driving the rail in the most neutral position, and allowing for a maximum steering range through the feet.


The well known Lockwood bottom shape has been revised and used throughout the whole range from Tribal.

Beveled Double Concave Hull - unique beveled parallel double concave design to minimize chop impact effects and reduce rail pressure, resulting in the smoothest ride on the market, without adding drag.

The Bevels put less pressure on the rails when hitting chop and they increase the lift on the front part of the rail during gybes which makes it turn faster.

Pronounced double concaves prevent the windward rail from dipping when punching through lulls. Overall V assists in railing the board when desired. The combination makes it especially easy and natural to rail the board when needed, and keep it flat at other times.


We chose a full carbon construction with Glass patches for impact. We use BIAX carbon on the bottom and deck of the boards as a very good compromise between stiffness and softness in the boards.


Chine Cutaways - 3 major benefits over conventional cut outs:

  • increases active surface area when getting planing
  • loosens trim at higher speeds allowing higher maximum speeds
  • act as trim tabs when the board might otherwise be tail-walking
  • Results in an incredibly fast, stable and free trim on the water.

We make use of a Gore Tex valve in our boards. The valve doesn’t need to be opened and closed as the membrane allows air pressure to be equalized without water getting through.


Vario-Inserts - provide adjustable strap spacing to cater for use with boots or barefoot riding, along with options for forward and rear placement and spacing catering for all shapes and sizes.


Technical Details

The perfect set-up for RADIX

Race / Slalom
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I used the Radix Slalom 63, 73 and 83 one season. I had starboard and fanatic slalomboards before. These Radix boards have a really nice stance. The Radix boards match my (original) riding style much better. I changed to a waist harnas because the new starboard slalomboard ride much better with a waist. However with the Radix the seat harnas is back again, just like I sailed for more than a decade. The radix works great with weedfins too, the long mast track is ideaal for this. The Radix is easier on chop, which means I windsurf longer or it requires a bit less energy for me to surf. The radix is a used every session over chop, shape and construction is still 100% after one year. The last thing is sails, the radix works best with sails which give low or maybe medium downforce.

Conclusion I keep the radix for some more seasons, I don't miss my previous boards. It did take me a few session to get used to these boards a figuren out the trim.
By Erik on 11/02/2023
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