Kamikaze 2018
Kamikaze 2018

Kamikaze 2018

KAMIKAZE is our wave champion, with an extremely light and agile 4-batten set-up. The new KAMIKAZE especially targets sailors who want a more lively sail in their quiver…

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Meet the KA Sail KAMIKAZE! With a much more lively look and feel, the KAMIKAZE is in our 4 batten wave sail offering. If you are new school cool, then this is definitely the sail for you!

Following up on a highly successful first year for the KAMIKAZE in 2017, we have made a couple of minor modifications for 2018 to further enhance the performance of this sail. The outline has been «tweaked» with leech scallops added to minimise any leech flutter when sailing overpowered.

Leech cutaway was introduced below batten number three, to increase the reflex at this batten resulting in a softer transition of power when sheeting in and better control in rough water.


KAMIKAZE has a shorter and more compact profile compared to the KILLER and a bit less built-in foil shape for a more “throw-around” persona. With some added luff curve which has seriously improved on the sails’ wind range, the front of the sail is allowed to fill up more. Boom and mast lengths deliver a more compact sail than the KILLER.

When we first introduced KAMIKAZE to our range in 2017, the KRYPTONITE designs were obviously at the basis for this sail. With a dynamic leech and crisp gust response, the KAMIKAZE 2018 will without a doubt again deliver an engaging ride that will put you in the box seat!


Aramid Draft Lock clew stringers help stabilize the draft and provide a stronger more responsive clew. The use of our hi-tech tri-axial 2 ply laminate in the top panels of the sail keeps the swing weight down. A 7 mil Monofilm window provides a crystal clear vision and a crisp gust response. The window in the KAMIKAZE Red is in X-ply for those who are looking for the added security of a 100% X-ply construction and a softer feel.


When comparing KAMIKAZE and KILLER, the first is a better choice for sailors under 85 kilograms or for those who preferably sail in more stable, less gusty winds. For heavier riders, generally KILLER offers more power and a bit more stability in gusty “on/off” conditions.


The sail’s features include a stainless steel triple tack pulley for smooth downhauling, a super strong webbing-reinforced stainless steel clew eyelet and a host of abrasion resistance features, like the PVC foot protection, the Kevlar reinforced head moulding and batten end protectors.

Lighter, stronger, more engaging …

The refinements made to the wave sail range for 2018 by the design team have created a lighter, stronger, better performing and more engaging ride with the KAMIKAZE, which blends wave and freestyle sailing into a level that is out of this world, for insane wave sailing action!



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