Sebastien Bourgeois' speed adventures at the Prince of Speed World Championship!

This April week the PRINCE OF SPEED competition was held at the Plage du Rouet - La Palme. Tramontana was on fierce and TRIBAL rider Sebastien Bourgeois joined the competition. Read more about Seb's speed adventures here in the South of France below:


"First day and first heat of the POS World Championship, really happy about my performance today! Conditions were not easy with broad wind and nasty chop. But I had great confidence in the gear so I could push 💪 More of the same in the next days ..."


"Second day of POS World Championship, conditions were easier as the run was way flatter but I went slower 🤷‍♂️ The wind was more square and it was tricky to get a good run. Let's try to do better tomorrow! 12th position at the moment ..."


"Third day of racing at the POS World Championship, two long heats done. Again the wind was pretty square and it was not easy to get a run with the gust all the way. Struggled in the morning and felt better in the afternoon, ended up having a lot of fun 🤙 14 position now, not bad but could have been better."


Congrats and great job Seb on a 14th overall position in the POS World Championship this week riding the new TRIBAL gear!