KA Sail Windsurfing vs TRIBAL Windsurfing

In the second half of 2023 we decided to make a bold decision. Until that time, we had been managing two brands and the need to focus on one brand had arisen urgently. Working with only a small team on a worldwide basis meant that there was just not enough time, energy and resources to divide equally between our two brands, KA Sail and TRIBAL.


For over 25 years KA Sail has been at the forefront developing windsurfing sails and masts that deliver great performance and serious fun for riders of all abilities. Sadly, we decided to slowly phase out our activities for KA Sail Windsurfing and proceed under the TRIBAL Windsurfing brand name into 2024. As you will know, we have been developing a high performance fin range with Chris Lockwood since 2012 and in 2022 we continued this adventure with Chris with the introduction of the TRIBAL windsurf board range ... and now for 2024 with a TRIBAL sail and mast range! The name TRIBAL was chosen by Peter Weitenberg and Chris Lockwood, the founders of TRIBAL Windsurfing for the meaning of "tribe/family". For TRIBAL we have a large network of customers, teamriders and ambassadors supporting and promoting the brand together with us.


After taking care of the KA windsurfing branch for over 16 years, we will not launch any new KA Sail range for 2024, but shift our activities completely to TRIBAL. Of course the knowledge from KA Sail lives on in TRIBAL. For TRIBAL, this was definitely the next step towards the future ... to combine all our activities under one brand name, expand the range and being able to put more focus on the brand, riders, events and marketing. But this also means a move away from the KA sail design software, McSail. We have been working on a completely new set-up for sail design in our in-house developed sail design software. To achieve our high standard of products, Chris and Peter have developed computer software for detailed calculation and design, to translate the requirements of our professional riders into designs that make real people feel like a Pro. We're very happy with the results after more than 2 years of hard work on this new software and seeing the new products created in this new software programme on the beach and on the water now! Andrew McDougall will still remain active under the brand name KA Sail for the moth sailing activities (www.kasail.com), so the brand name KA Sail will not disappear completely. Andrew himself was still very much involved with the sail designs but now mostly busy and successful with his other passion, the Foiling Moth. He is designing these carbon racing machines, built in China, for the global market and the Mach2, along with KA Moth sails, are dominating the class. Only from now on, the development from KA Sail Windsurfing will continue in TRIBAL!


We plan to grow the brand progressively with a worldwide network. We already offer a complete range of fins for every discipline and are now working towards completing the board and sail range to include all disciplines. Performance, quality and fun are the drivers for all our products. Our passion for windsurfing and a strong will to innovate through rigorous research and development is contained in every TRIBAL Windsurfing product.


Our mission at TRIBAL is to provide the highest quality and performance windsurfing products. Whether you’re starting out as a recreational windsurfer or are a highly competitive racer, we guarantee that our products will improve your windsurfing experience. We believe in helping windsurfers of all skill levels to find more joy and success in their sport. We want our customers to have as much fun on the water as we have. We sail for fun, and we only make products that we would use ourselves! And more important, we like to support the windsurfing sport in general and spread the image of windsurfing. Our rider’s goals are all individual. Top results are not always our main focus, but we like to include ambassadors that are creative one way or the other with videos, pictures, stories, feedback etc. Our main goal is about making great performing products that our customers will like and at the same time we want to have fun doing it all ... the end result is always better this way!