This year we were very fortunate with TRIBAL Windsurfing to get the chance to become the title sponsor of the Cervantes Windsurf Classic in Australia! This legendary event on the Australian Windsurfing calendar was held from 5 to 7 January 2024 at Hansen Bay, Cervantes, just a few hours drive north of Perth. 
Hansen Bay is a true Windsurfer paradise, a blue and turquoise shallow bay sitting right between Thirsty Point and Cervantes island. With onshore winds for safety, perfect water conditions to go fast and run this epic competition. The slalom course is approximately 9km long and features 4 gybe marks in flat water, backed up by consistent and strong sea breezes. 
This event is all about fun! For us a great opportunity to visit the event ourselves from Europe, to enjoy the Australian weather and to meet the Australian Windsurfing community joining in the event and organisation. 
Registration and start were organised at Hansen Bay; the finish line was set-up at Thirsty Point.
We had a great windy unofficial start of the event already on the Thursday, and Friday and Saturday certainly offered some great wind conditions for the GPS challenge and the Slalom Races, with some nice BBQ's and drinks in the evening at the Lobster Shack and Country Club. The Sunday showed less wind and was in the afternoon perfect for testing some TRIBAL gear!
TRIBAL was well represented in the event with our very own Chris Lockwood dominating in the GPS challenge and the Masters category in the Slalom competition, winning at least one heat. In the overall Slalom competition results Chris ended in 4th place. A total of 4 heats were run on the Saturday. Chris had fierce competition from French young gun Brendan Lorho, which offered a very exciting battle towards the finish line in the last 2 heats of the day!
Maybe you would like to join the fun at Cervantes next year as well!!