Today marks the end of an era for KA Sail Windsurfing ...

For over 25 years KA Sail has been at the forefront developing windsurfing sails and masts that deliver great performance and serious fun for riders of all abilities. Sadly, we have decided to slowly phase out our activities for KA Sail and proceed under the TRIBAL Windsurfing brand name into 2024.

This means that there will be no new KA Sail range for 2024 ... instead we will expand our TRIBAL activities and the TRIBAL range to also include high performance sails, complementing our board and fin range. We have completely redesigned all our sails and of course we have taken some knowledge from our KA years with us in the development of this completely new TRIBAL range.

For KA Sail this new adventure with TRIBAL means the end of an era… That said, there’s nothing like going out with a BIG BANG and that is exactly what the victory of French KA Sail rider Marine Hunter at the PWA Wave competition at Sylt (Germany) last week was all about! The end of an era for KA Sail and the beginning of a new adventure with TRIBAL Windsurfing!

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